Monday, February 7, 2011


  • If you need to cheat on your girlfriend, come up with a fake nickname  and use  your middle name as your last name (in case your girlfriend encounter one day)  use a fake email, and a fake phone number.  YES CHEATING IS EXPENSIVE AND ITS CHEAPER IF YOU DON'T DO IT. 
  • If you want to get a girl that's way out of your league or super hot, pretend to be a Mormon or a christian or any hard to follow religion, then to there church,you can meet a ton of women there. You can later be less religious and the women is less likely to leave you.
  • Don't have to many female friends, Women cost money. Have one good female friend and keep track of what your spending on her.  If you spend too much, its time to dump her. Be straight forward and tell her shes to expensive to be around.  Hold your ground and be assertive, you run your own life.
  • Women are great but can drag you down in the long run, so find a GOOD one.

 Suggestion By: Gaming Day
Thanks Gaming Day


  1. This made me laugh so hard!!! I think i almost cried. I don't even know why I laughed so hard, maybe just because its so true!!

  2. heh!
    that's some pretty good advice :)

  3. Haha this stuff cracks me up. "Advice for a shallow guy!"